Pre-Order BT65 - Atlas CAL Bipod (Gen 2) with or without ADM 170-S Lever

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Any order placed at this time will be a Pre-Order.

Update 6/18/2018:  Our order did not go out on the 13th as previously committed.  We received notification on June 15th that B&T has stopped production to address a design element. At this time there is not ETA for when they will begin shipping.  Once shipping resumes, this will be known as the CAL Gen 2.

Update 5/18/2018:  Spoke with B&T this morning and it looks like we just missed the end of the 2nd run.  We are currently #4 on the 3rd production run that begins End of May/Beginning of June.   They've committed to ship our order by June 13th.

Update 3/16/2018: B&T does not have an ETA yet for our order.  They are ramping up production on the new BT65 Bipod.  While our inventory currently shows "In Stock" this is only used to track Pre-Orders.  Any orders placed at this time will be first in line to receive bipods once our order arrives.  Right now, we're anticipating April 2018 for shipments to begin however this timeline is subject to Accu-Shot and their production capacity.


  • Mounts directly to any 1913 style Picatinny rail.
    • BT65 CAL - Direct Attachment
    • BT65-LW17 - Attachment via ADM-170-S Lever
  • Standard Height Range approximately 4.75" – 9.0".
  • Weight 12.94 Ounces approx for BT65CAL
  • Weight 15.196 Ounces approx for BT65-LW17
  • Developed for shooters that do not desire the Panning feature of the PSR series.
  • 15 degrees +/- of preloaded Cant.
  • Leg positions are; stowed back, 45 degrees angled back, 90 degrees straight down, 45 degrees forward and stowed forward.
  • Fore and Aft pivot limiting Bosses
  • Non-Rotating Legs
  • Strengthened Leg Boss
  • Inner Leg constructed from T7075*
  • Available in black only.