Joseph "Gundoc" Chetwood - Gunsmith

Joseph Chetwood, or "Gundoc" as most know him by, after an early medical discharge from Marine Corps boot camp, attended Gunsmithing School where he graduated at the top of his class. Soon after graduation he began work for the Department of Energy as a contractor where he would further his education in the D.O.E. basic and advanced armorers' courses, certifying him to work on a variety of military weapons.

While with the D.O.E. Joe was able to work with a wide range of groups, in an armorer capacity, such as Salt Lake County S.W.A.T, the U.S. Marine Corp, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy Special Boat Team, the British Royal Marines, and U.S. Secret Service. All this experience has brought Gundoc to describe himself as the "Tactical Gunsmith" and his work has been seen in sources such as Tactical Weapons Magazine and Guns & Weapons of Law Enforcement.

Joe brings his wealth of knowledge and experience in repairing, refinishing, camouflaging, and building tactical weapons to everything he writes.

 Joe’s Certifications Include:

  • Associates degree, gunsmithing from Colorado School of Trades

  • Department of Energy Basic Armorer covering Rem700 sniper, M14 DMR, 870 shotgun, Sig and Glock pistols, ect

  • Department of energy Advanced Armorer covering M16,M240, M249, M60, M79, M203, H&K rifles/belt fed,ect

  • Springfield M1A Armorer

  • Massad Ayoob Group Mag-40 grad

  • Mag-40 RSO/firing line instructor for 2 years

  • Crusader Firearms Training- instructor graduate since 2010

  • Crusader Firearms Training- assistant instructor in defensive through advanced tactical carbine, beyond CCW through tactical pistol, and tactical shotgun

  • Concealed carrier since ‘07

  • Blackwater High Threat Protective Operations Course graduate